Soham Shah πŸ‘‹

Hey, there! Welcome to my Website. I am Soham Shah - Software Engineer based in India.

I am a final year student at Adani Institute, currently pursuing Information and Communication Technology Engineering.

My experience revolves around developing full-stack applications, frontend web-tooling, npm-packages and libraries and design systems. I also have research exposure in the areas of articifial intelligence and robotics and published patent and research work around it.

I have been involved with Google Developer Student Clubs- GHRCE and Adani Institute of Innovation Hub (AIIH) and have organized workshops, talks and hackathons for the community. I am also a passionate open source contributor and tech speaker.

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Tech Stack πŸ› 

  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, HTML5, CSS3
  • Frameworks and Libraries: React.js, Next, Node, Express, Tensorflow, OpenCV
  • Platforms: Git (Github and Gitlab), Heroku, AWS, Google Firebase
  • Database: MongoDB, SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Design Libraries: TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, AntDesign

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